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Supplement for 2000 (Issues 319-328)
Supplement for 1999 (Issues 309-318)
Supplement for 1998 (Issues 299-308)
Supplement for 1997 (Issues 289-298)
Supplement for 1996 (Issues 279-288)
Supplement for 1995 (Issues 269-278) 


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2001 pattern
kindly need pattern on magazine on 2001 issue 329
Winter Garden
Help! I need the quilt patten for Winter Garden by Liz Jones from Issues Oct-Dec, 2007. My email is geniemcmillan@gmail.com. Any help will be appreciated!
1996 pattern
I have the back issues you need. I am in the UK but could mail them to you. My email is margaretcharlett@gmail.com
1996 pattern
I bought several magazines at a thrift store, there is a pattern in 8 parts, Hertiage Medallion by Cynthia Dale. it from issue 279-286 I have 279,280,283,284 is there any way to get the pattern from issues I am missing?
Equivalents quilt pattern from the October 2001 newsletter issue
PS It is issue #336 from OCtober November 2001. But, How can I find it or get access to it? carrillo.hf@gmail.com
Equivalents quilt pattern from the October 2001 newsletter issue
I am searching for a quilt pattern, called "Equivalents" from the October 2001 issue of Quilters Newsletter. Any idea how I can access this issue or just the pattern? Thank you!
not 3002 issue 302
I have lost this issue I need the firstpart of "Quilt For a Tall Bed. Can anyone help me?
issue 3002
I have lost this issue I need the firstpart of "Quilt For a Tall Bed. Can anyone help me?
Looking for June/July/Aug/Sept 1999
My mother and I are wanting to make the Brother & Sister Quilt but only have Parts 4 & 5. The rest of the pattern is in the months mentioned in the subject line. Does anyone have these issues where they could email the pattern to me? My email is millefleur1653@gmail.com I would greatly appreciate it!
Posy Primer Part 5
Hi Autierah09! I have Posy Primer Part 5. Email me at nic0207@yahoo.com and I'll email it to you. I need Part 1 and Part 4 if you have them. Thanks!
Posy Primer
I have PDF files of the Posy Primer quilt from 2005-2006. I am missing part 5, which I believe was in January-February 2006. If anyone has this, I sure would LOVE to get it! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!
Indexes For 2011 -2015
When will the indexes for the last four years be added? I often refer to old issues and the indexes are a big help when trying to find something.
Sugar and Spice/Hexie Go Modern
I love the quilt Sugar and Spice created by making hexagons with the Trim tool by Creative Grids. Why can't I get the pattern from your website as the directions say to do?
Homekeeping patterns from Quiltmaker
To Drmjeannie -- Did you get the Homekeeping patterns? I have them if still interested. Email me at sylviabryan@centurytel.net if you still need them.
Baskets of my Life patterns
To kaaldersm97 Did you get the Baskets of My Life patterns? I JUST got them yesterday from the designer, Kelly Monroe. If you still need, reply to me at sylviabryan@centurytel.net
I am looking for an 1980s issue that has Goodnight, Sleep Tight pattern. Can anyone help?
Best Christmas Quilts 2014
Hi ohappyday50, you can purchase the issue in either print or digital format online here: http://www.quiltandsewshop.com/category/s?keyword=Quilters+Newsletter+Presents+Best+Christmas+Quilts&utm_source=QNCD140902&utm_medium=TOC&utm_campaign=QNBCQ14
looking for the magzine - Best Christmas quilts 2014 - how can I order - or does someone have one I could buy?
pattern for the celest /jan./feb2004 n0 359
looking for the issue
ISO Posy Primer Patterns
I have 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9. Just need 3, 4, and 8 to finish. Please contact camfie@yahoo if you can help me. Thank you!
Back issue #401
I am looking for back issue of QuilterNewsletter mag, #401, April 2008. Is anyone willing to sell this to me, thanks,
Kismet star pattern
I am looking for this pattern, not sure whose it is, it is foundation pieced blocks red on black with star blocks in the outer points, I can send a picture
Three Corner Wedding Ring Pattern - 1976
I am looking for this pattern. I don't know what month it was in, but 1976 is the year. If anyone has it, I would be willing to pay for a copy. Thank you!
Pattern from 2001 "Let it Snow"
I'm looking for a 2001 issue, A Quilt it for Christmas. The name of the pattern is "Let it Snow" All I need is the pattern page that has pieces "B & BR" and "D and DR" Is anybody able to help?
person in slicker
Just a note on the pattern of a person in a rain slicker, I think it might have been in the april 2007 Quilters Newsletter mag. Thanks
person in slicker
I am looking for a paper pieced pattern of a person in a rain slicker. Thanks!
2011 index
When will this be available?
Hearts & Apron Strings Pattern
I am looking for the Hearts & Apron Strings Pattern, Sharon Schamber designer, in issues April thru October 2004. I have parts 1,3,5 6 and only need parts 2,4,and 5. I am willing to pay. Contact coppy44@att.net. Feb. 21 2013 9:00AM
older month of the year paper piecing patterns
I am looking for paper piecing patterns that were possibly in your publication in the late 1990 or early 2000. Designers were Belinda Sturgis, Marla Stefanelli, & Mary Leman Austin
To: Nutmegmis - Looking for January/February 2002 Issue
I have the magazine and am willing to part with it. Contact CCL1@cableone.net
Free Past Issues of Quilters' Newletter Magazines
I have alot of old magazines - Issues 55, May, 1994 thru Issue 430, Oct/Nov, 2012. If you take them all and pay the shipping they are yours! For a list, contact CCL1@mindspring.com.
To Sew Qrazy
I have Parts 1 and 2 of Winter Garden, Issues 396 & 397. I will part with them. Contact me at CCL1@cableone.net
To Sew Qrazy?
I have the issues 397 and 398 Part 2 n 3 Winter garden if you would like a scan.
Guild Call
I have put in calls to my local quilt guilds and quilt shows for boutique magazines. I will notify the potential new magazine holder
Issue #271 Bolero quilt pattern and instructions
Please email Lisa at lisadavidg@embarqmail.com please if possible scan the Bolero instructions and pattern as I am undergoing long recovery of cervical surgery and I found this to be a bit of a challenge block for hand piecing. I think I can do while recovering. Thank You
issues 234-239 wanted
My email address is sewhandy@telus.net
issue 234-239 wanted
I would like to make Mrs. mcGregors garden quilt from issues 234-239 Does anyone have these issues from 1991 thanks
"Unfinished Symphony" ??
Hi - I forgot to put my email address - collvic1410@yahoo.com.au ... thanks again, Colleen
"Unfinished Symphony" ??
I remember seeing a photograph of this quilt on the "photo finish" page not long ago, but alas, cannot find the magazine. I would love to make this quilt for the local Youth Orchestra, and I hope someone will remember seeing it, and if so, if you could send me a photo of it by email. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks a lot. Colleen (from Australia)
2010 Pattern/Subject Index
Winter Garden 2007
I would love to have a copy of the Winter Garden quilt by Liz Jones. The Dec 2007 issue shows how to quilt it. I was just given this issue and fell in love with the quilt. Help is appreciated.
2010 index
When (oh when) will this be available?
Paper pieced heart-house pattern
I am looking for a pattern for a paper-pieced pattern of a house shaped like a house. It was on the cover of this magazine a few years back. I purchased the magazine, but the pattern was not in it. any ideas?
Barnyard Parcheesi Quilt Series - 1985
I forgot to add contact information - please email to w7sue@comcast.net and please put "barnyard parcheesi" in the subject line - I don't usually open mail from strangers ...
Barnyard Parcheesi Quilt Series - 1985
I really want to make this quilt and have parts 1, 2 & 3, but not the rest of them. Is there anyone out there who has them and is willing to share? Or ... do you know where I can purchase it?
Homekeeping pattern from 2000
Help!!!! I just got into Quiltmaker Magazine and fell in love with the whole magazine. I recently received 01, 02 Magazines and I found in the back of April 01 magazine a pattern called Homekeeping from Issues Nos. 71-75 Jan '00-Sept'00. I would be willing to buy these magazines from anyone who may have them. I am new to Quilting and would love to have this hanging in my studio/kitchen.
Garden Delight
I did not get my copy of Quilters Newsletter Aug/Sept 2011. Therefore, I do not have part 5 of 6 for the Garden Delight Mystery Quilt. Can someone get the pattern to me?
new quilter?s
When using flannel you accumulate a lot of lint, check around the bobbin for lint. I would make sure the stitch length is 2.5 to 3.5 needle can be 90 also you can research needle and fabric online try the needle companies for a guide i.e. schemtz or singer.
new quilter ?s
I am putting satin binding on the baby quilt I made. Flannel on both sides with traditional batting. I started with a zigzag stitch for the binding and the machine skipped stitches and the thread broke twice. What size needle should I be using? Do I need to adjust the tension? Help and thankyou
Looking for pattern
I am looking for a pattern featured on a book cover Quilting Among Friends by Jill Reber. It's a blue and white half square triangle quilt with different ladies around the center. It is featured as a fabric swap quilt in the book but that pattern is nit included. I call Jill Reber and she said it was a pattern featured in your newsletter years ago. Can you help me find it? Thanks
request to patces_kittycat
I would love to have a scanned email of the Good Neighbors quilt. thank you
Kites on a string
I am trying to find the pattern kites on a string from the March 1983 issue, mine only had the first page and I need the second and third, can anyone help?
response to echobluff1
The pattern you are looking for is called Good Neighbors- it's in 5 issues. If you send me an email I can scan them for you. I also like this pattern-it's sooo cute for using scrapes
Baskets of My Life - Part 1 (Feb 2006?)
I am looking for Part 1 of the Baskets of My Life series. I have the rest of the series and would like to try these. Any help would be appreciated!
may 1986 issue
I am looking for the first block for Climbing Clematis. I have all the issues for 1988 but not that one. If anyone has it I would appreciate a copy of the block and yardage required. Thanks.
Need instruction How to Assemble Lesson #7
Need Posy Primer Lesson #7 to finish quilt. Have other QNM copies but have lost Apr 2006, No. 381. How can I get copy of issue or copy of pages 69-71 of that issue. Appreciate help
Looking for pattern
I'm looking for the "Poppies" pattern designed by Margrit Hall. Thank you.
Stars for Epiphany
Have the pattern but not the template. Can you help? Was in the holiday issue: QUILT IT FOR CHRISTMAS. Thank you for your help
Looking for patterns
I am looking for the" stained glass window" and "baby clothes" pattern to make these two quilts.
Looking for January/February 2002 Issue
Help...I am looking for a complete "Crown of Thorns" or "New York Beauty" quilt block pattern that ended on page 55. A web search was not successful. I have steps 4 & 5, and need the instructions for steps 1 through 3. Is there a Jan/Feb 2002 issue out there somewhere???
need April 2007 free Downloadable pattern
I'm new to quilting but old experienced sewer. Received 2 stacks of older magazines and in the April 2007 #391 issue -page 47 bottom corner shows "FREE SPRING PATTERN" called "The Robins are Back" download and print on website. Been on phone with customer service an hour- too old and not available - does anyone have it? thank you so much.
Looking for pattern
I don't know the name of the pattern, but I do know it started in June of 2003. It's mostly houses with a few pine trees. I saw a picture of it on the Quilting Board forum. It was made by Carol Sheldon. If you search the user list, you can find it under her posts. Thanks!
Hearts Dreams quilr
Helllo Nursy I have looked through my 1988 QN magazines and don't see this pattern. Also, checked the index from QN for that year for any pattern with the work "hearts" . Would you check the index above to see if you find your pattern? If you can find the issue, I can probably supply the pattern! I'd love to help
hearts dreams
I started this quilt 20 years ago and now I want to finish it but missing block 9. It is from1988. Would anyone have it?
two schools- motif for fish
According to directions for Two Schools quilt the motifs for the quilt are on line. How do I find them?
Arnold's Attic
The "I" is a misprint and should be ignored. I think there is a note on the corrections page about it, but not sure.
questions answered
@ dotsumrall: There is no pattern for the QN cover quilts. The quiltmaker did not make Tuscan Sun available.
Looking for series patter from 1996
I have a half finished Heritage Medallion top and need the rest of the pattern. Is there anywhere I can buy it . thanks
Arnold Attic pattern
I was attempting to make the Arnold's Attic quilt in the August/September magazine. I cannot find the pattern piece "I" that is mentioned in the pieces for the Rust print and Rust Floral. The pattern pieces go from "A- H but I could not find the "I" piece dimensions or pattern piece at all. Thanks
can not find Tuscan Sun. I must be looking right at directions to it but can not locate. help!!
Poinsettia on point
There are no instructions other than the foundation block. It's only 6", I think Dana just used scraps.
Poinsettia on point
I was not able to find the piecing guide all i was able to locate was foundation block but no directions or amount of fabric to purchase for each color help!!!!
Poinsettia on Point
The pattern can be found under "Web Exta" heading page 3 along with many others.
stained glass joy pattern
I would like a copy of the stained glass joy pattern offered in Sept./Oct or Nov/Dec 2003. Thank you. gm
Debbie I have a copy of the snowflake quilt pattern
I can email the pattern to you. Let me know if you are interested.
Quilter's Newsletter December 2005
I NEED a copy of the snowflake pattern in the December 2005 edition of Quilter's Newsletter. I've looked at available back issues and December 2005 isn't available. Can anyone help me? Thank you very much Debbie
I can't find " Tuscan Sun " in Webextra, where is it!!!?
2009 index
When will this be posted?
2009 QN index supplement
June/July 2010 magazine said the 2009 QN index was available for download. I can't see it!
my recent june/july issue states under web extras that I can download the 2009 index. may I ask where that is?
2008 Index


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