Pattern Corrections

At Quilters Newsletter, our goal is to catch any inconsistency before the magazine pages go to print, but once in a while something slips by even our eagle eyes! Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by our error.


Quilters Newsletter April/May 2016

QN April/May 2016 #451

On page 77 in Quilting Bee, we incorrectly identified Marilyn King's inspiration, Flower Power as having been designed by Jane Kilmer. It was designed by Jane Zillmer of Mercer, Wisconsin.


Quilters Newsletter August/September 2015

QN August/September 2015 #447

On page 73, in the pattern for Bea Lee's Stars at Night, we called for too much yardage. The cutting chart is correct, but the yardage should be:

Materials        Yds.
Ivory             1 1/4
Medium Blue   1 1/3
Dark Blue       1 5/8
Light Blue       1/8
Backing          3


Quilters Newsletter June/July 2015

QN June/July 2015 #446

On page 65, in the pattern for Joyce Robinson's Beach Glass, rotary figure A should be cut at 5 1/2" x 5 1/2", NOT the 3 7/8" that is listed.


Best Kids Quilts 2015

Quilters Newsletter Presents Best Kids Quilts 2015

On page 50, in the materials and cutting box for Under the Sea, it should say to cut 11 sashes 2-1/2” x 54-1/2” from the navy solid as shown in the quilt assembly diagram, not 6 sashes. The yardage given is correct.

On page 71, we listed the quilter of Circuit Board as Linda Barbin of Hollister, California. It was actually quilted by Louise Goodenough of Los Gatos, California.


December/January 2015

QN December/January 2015 #443

On page 10, we listed the quiltmaker of The Pink Lady as Jan Hutchinson. Jan Hutchinson was actually the quilter. The quiltmaker was Russ Schmidt.

On page 51, we missed an "s" in Jo Ann Blade's website address, which is actually

On page 70, we captioned the cover quilt, Autumn's Surrender by Margaret Solomon Gunn as having been made in 2013. It was actually made in 2014.


QN October/November 2014 #442

In 300 Words About Quilting: My Proudest Moment as a Quilter, page 22, Linda Westby's essay was printed with Elizabeth Whitman's photo, and Elizabeth Whitman's essay was printed with Linda Westby's photo.


QN April/May 2014 Cover

QN April/May 2014 #439

The piecing diagram of block 7 on page 81 for the Reach for the Stars series quilt did not include the sashing strips. CLICK HERE for the corrected instructions.


QN December/January 2013 #437

The image of the full quilt of Reach for the Stars, on page 83, is printed upside down. Please rotate it 180-degrees before following instructions.

The original PDF for the Web Extra "Christmas in the Cabin Table Runner" Pattern listed block K as needing to be cut at 1 1/2" x 8". It should actually be cut at 1 1/2" x 8 3/4". The current PDF has the correct dimensions.


oct-nov 2013

QN October/November 2013 #436

In the October/November 2013 issue we have incorrectly printed the location of the Quilters Hall of Fame as Marion, Iowa. The Quilters Hall of Fame is located in Marion, Indiana. The Cottage Rose quilt shop is located in Marion, Iowa. We apologize for the error.



QN August/September 2013 #435

Some website addresses were misprinted in our August/September 2013 issue. Here are the correct addresses:

Meetin’ Place
Valerie White:

Staff Picks

Extra Credit



QN February/March 2013 #432

In the pattern for Confetti, on page 69, we have listed under the Rotary Cutting diagram that the dimensions for G are 2 1/2" x 2 1/2", when they should in fact be 2 1/2" x 2 3/4".


December/January 2013 #431 Cover

QN December/January 2013 #431

In the article "Do You Ever Wonder?" on page 50 regarding the 2010 Quilting in America study, we wrote that there were 21.3 million dedicated quilters in the U.S. It should have read simply 21.3 million quilters in the U.S.; 6.2% of that 21.3 million are considered dedicated quilters.


Best Fat Quarter Quilts 2012

In the Rotary Cutting diagram on page 61 of the My Mama's Garden pattern, we have labeled two separate K measurements. The first, 7 1/2" x 4", are the correct dimensions for K. The second K should be labeled M and its measurements are 6" x 4". 

On page 62, we have listed in the Materials and Cutting box for Spinning Logs that you need 2 dark print strips at 2" x 18 1/2" and 2 dark print strips at 2" x 15 1/2". In the Assembly instructions, part 2, we list the strips as 2 1/2" x 18 1/2" and 2 1/2" x 15 1/2". The measurements in the Materials and Cutting box are correct: 2 dark print strips at 2" x 18 1/2" and 2 dark print strips at 2" x 15 1/2". 


Aug-Sep 12 cover

QN August/September 2012 #429

In the pattern, Cricket on the Radio, in the materials and cutting box, it should say to cut 99 A, 178 B of the assorted prints. In the comment box at the end of the pattern it should read, "The large size of the A patches makes this a perfect block to show off large prints."


QN April/May 2012

QN April/May 2012 #427

In the pattern for Flower Power, we listed the D and Dr patches in the rotary cutting diagrams as needing to start at 10 1/2". We've recieved reader comments that the patches fit better when starting with an 11" rectangle.


Aug-Sep 11 cover

QN August/September 2011 #423

In the pattern for part 5 of the mystery quilt Garden Delight, in the materials and cutting box, it should say to cut 4 T's from Color 4 Fabric, not just 1.


Best Quilts for Christmas 2011

Best Quilts for Christmas 2011

On page 73, in the pattern for Music of the Season, the F half square triangles should be cut from 3" squares, not the 3 1/2" squares the pattern calls for. If cut from 3 1/2" squares, they will need trimmed down after piecing.


Quilters Newsletter June/July 2011 cover

QN June/July 2011 #422

In the pattern for the quilt Geese Over Manhattan, we inadvertantly left out the measurement for the D patch. The D's should be cut 8 1/2" x 3/4", and should finish at 1/4" in width.


QN February/March 2011 #420

Those of you receiving your subscriber copies of February/March 2011 may have noticed a discrepancy in the table of contents. The article titled “Splendor of Alhambra: Mosaic Tile Quilts” actually begins on page 56 and the article titled “Mosaic Patchwork Bonanza” actually begins on page 34.  That’ll teach us not to have two such similarly-named articles in the future! Sorry for any confusion.

The free pattern that goes along with “Splendor of Alhambra: Mosaic Tile Quilts” is available on our website.


aug/sep 2010

QN August/September 2010 #417

Arnold's Attic, page 75 in the materials and cutting box we have listed 28 I patches for each the Rust Print and Rust Floral. This is a misprint. Please disregard as there are no I patches. The rest of the pattern is correct. We apologize for the mistake. 



Quilt It More Two-Block Quilts 2008

The pattern for the cover quilt, Cowgirl Blues, states that rotary measurements are given for each patch on the foundation block pattern. Through an oversight, these measurements were not added. The blocks can be made with foundation-piecing methods, or use the following rotary cutting measurements to cut individual patches.

Patch 1 is cut 23/8" x 23/8"
Patch 2 is cut 15/8" x 23/8"
Patches 3 and 4 are cut 15/8" x 45/8"
Patches 5 and 6 are cut 15/8" x 67/8"
Patch 7 is cut 15/8" x 91/8"


Fiddler's Wife,
QN October 2007 #396

In the Skill Builder, Face the Music, the text referring to Fig. 1 should instruct you to pin the interfacing to the right side of the top of a petal with the fusible side away from the petal. We regret any inconvenience our error may have caused.


QN July/August 2007 #394

There was an error in the materials and cutting box with the pattern for Wendy Hill's Isotaupe, which appeared in our July/August 2007 issue (#394). You will need to cut 358 A's from taupe prints, not 179 A's as listed. The yardage, however is correct as printed.


Lady of the White House
May 2007 #392

There was an error regarding the amount of White Solid fabric needed for Lady of the White House, issue #392, May 2007. Under Materials and Cutting, you will need 2 1/2 yards of the White Solid fabric.


Your Own Lone Star,
QN July/August 2006 #384

The Lone Star templates given on page 27 of the July/August 2006, No. 384 issue of QN are incorrect. Please use the templates given here.



Flower Pot Block,
QN June 2006 #383

There was an error in the Flower Pot block pattern shown on the Bulletin Board of the June 2006 issue of QN (No. 383). The correction is available here.



How Lovely Are Thy Branches,
Quilt It for Christmas 2006

The paper-foundation pattern for How Are Thy Branches is numbered incorrectly. The piecing order should be reversed, with number 5 being number one, and so on.

Fuzzy Flannel Baby Quilt,
Quilt It for Kids 2002

The materials box was inadvertently deleted for the Fuzzy Flannel Baby Quilt. The yardage is as follows:

From 2 1/4 yards flannel prints cut 126 A.
From 2 1/4 yards cream flannel cut 126 A.
From 2 1/4 yards lining scraps cut 126 A.

Dreaming of Rosebuds,
QN April 2005 #371

In the April 2005, No. 371 issue of QN, a rotary cutting measurement in the pattern Dreaming of Rosebuds is incorrect. The half-square triangle A patches are cut from 5 3/8" squares. A correct full-size foundation pattern for the entire unit is available here.


Heat Wave,
QN July/August 2004 #364

The G patches in Heat Wave, July/August 2004, issue 364, should be cut into quarter-square triangles, not squares as published.

Rotary Cutting
Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances. Align arrow with lengthwise or crosswise grain of fabric.

I Love the Fabric, but What Do I Do with It?,
QN October 2003 #356

The materials box should read as follows:

1-1 1/2 yards pictorial fabric(s)
132 A, 2 C, 3 D, 6 E

1 yard accent fabric
66 A, 22 B

Spin Around New York,
QN April 2003 #351

The A patch in the Spin Around New York pattern (QN #351) should be cut 3 1/4".


Legacy of Stars,
QN July/August 2002 #344

In the Legacy of Stars pattern in Quilters Newsletter issue #344 (July/August 2002), the rotary cutting dimensions for patch B should read 2 7/8" NOT 3 3/8".


Blue Lady,
QN May 2001 #332

The Blue Lady pattern in QN May 2001 #332, contained an error. You need to make 41 X units and 41 Z units as shown here.


Fall Harvest,
QN March 2001 #330

Part Five of our 2001 series quilt, Fall Harvest, appears in the March 2001 issue of QN. Directions for adding the black print middle borders were omitted. Cut 4 borders each 2 1/2" x 72 1//2". These border dimensions are the exact length required plus seam allowances. After completing the appliqued cream border, add a black border to each side of the quilt and miter the corners.


Wildflower Homestead,
QN December 1997 #298

In the directions for Part 2 of the series quilt, Wildflower Homestead, note that the half-square triangles should be trimmed to 2" squares, not 2 1/2", in Step 2.


Golden Splendor,
QN October 1996 #286

The quilt assembly diagram on page 44 shows rose sashes on the outside of the outer cream sashes. The quilt that Marsha McCloskey made does not have these sashes. The yardage is correct for making the quilt as Marsha made it.


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