About Quilters Newsletter

Quilters Newsletter is a specialized publication for quilt lovers and quiltmakers. Its domestic and international readership includes professional and nonprofessional quiltmakers, quilt collectors, dealers, historians, teachers, and rural and urban dwellers.

QN is regarded as a leader, authority, and primary resource in the quilt field. Six magazines are published each year. The magazine is available on newsstands, in quilt shops and libraries, online at Quilt and Sew Shop and by subscription or single copy from the publisher, F+W a Content and eCommerce Company, at 741 Corporate Circle, Suite A, Golden, CO 80401.

The magazine content includes articles on quilt design, history, patterns, trends, techniques, current events in quilting, personalities, and product comparisons and reviews. It covers exhibitions, contests, significant quilt-related charitable efforts, major awards, and trade news. We review quilt books and electronic media. QN offers quiltmaking lessons and workshops on techniques. Many quilt teachers use the magazine as a text or reference in their classes. QN provides useful information for beginner, intermediate, and advanced quiltmakers, and maintains a balance between traditional and innovative quilting.


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